Best Time To Visit in Hawaii

Looking for Best Time to Visit in Hawaii? The Hawaiian Islan’s tropical paradise is an absolute ‘Mecca’ for tours, activities and local offerings that makes traveling to Hawaii a unique experience of a lifetime.

The islands have some of the best weather in the world. 10 out of 14 different world’s climates can be found on the island. Its trade winds, cool breezes, ample sunshine, over 400 named beaches to explore and the Technicolor shoals and reefs beneath make a perfect day in paradise being in Hawaii.

Out of 8 million passengers that visit Hawaii, about 60% of them arrive from the US.

Talk to any avid traveler and they will vouch for the fact that there is never a bad time to travel to Hawaii however, different seasons promise an altogether different experience of the island.

Here’s a look at the Best times to visit Hawaii based on different seasonal activities, events, and every island’s unique topography that is at its peak during a particular season.

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What Are Peak Season of Hawaii?

If you are traveling on a budget, refrain from traveling during the most expensive times in Hawaii:

  • July: Hawaii’s most traveled month
  • Peak Season: Dec 22 - January 3
  • Summer Season: July followed by August witness a huge crowd

Prices are about 20% higher in the summer as compared to the low season. Peak seasons are even more expensive as car rental skyrockets and the occupancy rate of accommodations is almost 100%.

Care must be taken to book a holiday at least 6 months in advance or opt for a timeshare holiday.

The only region available for a quieter holiday during peak season is the Kauai’s north shore.

Best Time for Good Weather & Festivals in Hawaii

Overall the best opportunity to visit Hawaii and enjoy its good weather exists during April, May, September, and October when the weather is warm; around 83-88ºF (29-31ºC) in the summer months.

Trade winds pick up in winter months and so does the showers followed by surf swells particularly on the windward north/northeast shores.

Here’s a rundown of the best seasons in Hawaii along with their favorable months.


A picture-perfect vacation beach is also one of the top reasons why people visit Hawaii.

Lazing in the day basking under the glorious Hawaiian sunshine and returning home with a golden suntan is what Hawaii is best known for.

Weather by Seasons

Autumn in Hawaii


September tops the chart for being the best month to visit Hawaii. The entire September month has pleasant, warm temperatures with the absence of precipitation until


With summer crowds departed, accommodation rates returning to normal, it is also the best time for those who dislike the usual bustle of vacation season. Conditions are also perfect for snorkeling.


Late spring is a delightful season to visit Hawaii due to pleasant weather and serene oceanic condition.

The crowd is fewer as work and schools get open. This is also the right time so see gorgeous flowers sprung all over and the time for humpback whales to migrate to their tropical winter quarters in Hawaii.

Whale-watching season begins late in December and lasts through May, so there’s ample chance to watch these blue mammoths on every island during a spring trip!


May is quite close to September and these months also have a lot in common. May signals the beginning of summer.

The temperature rises gradually but one difference is that the ocean is more active and is the best time to try boogie boarding, learn surfing and still there are ample calm days to try snorkeling.

Price and crowd are equivalent to September.


June is also an excellent month to visit Hawaii. The best weather of the year in Hawaii is in June with the lowest amounts of rainfall.

Depending on school schedules, the holiday crowds don’t arrive until the second or third week of this month.


Summer is a busy season for families with children while July is the state’s most-visited month; although the temperature may not be the best and surfs can be intense.

July & August

You can surf at the south shore as the waves that were rough in winters get milder now.

Summers are also quite good for snorkeling and swimming. Waikiki is packed but elsewhere, you likely won’t mind.

Hurricane season kicks in around the first week of June.


Most travelers visiting Hawaii in the winters come here to escape the harsh weather and get some of the best bargains.

This is the time for some of the biggest swells and time for world-famous surfing competitions.

Winter is also the time for the arrival of the Humpback whales.

Early December

When planning for winter vacations in Hawaii, the best time is early December when prices are low, before the crowds gear-up for the holiday season.

Overall weather is agreeable and average daytime temperature varies from 72 °F - 75 °F (22 °C) between December and February.

January & February

Late January is a couple of degrees warmer and it’s slightly less busy as well. Airfare in January is also lesser than February but January usually experiences more rainfall.

February, on the other hand, has a lot less of trade winds making it ideally suitable for a beachy retreat. February is also perfect for surfing.

Festivals by Seasons


  • Aloha Festivals - A month-long festival extending into October
  • Hawaii Food & Wine Festival - A premier epicurean event featuring 80 internationally renowned master chefs and culinary personalities
  • Kauaʻi Mokihana Festival - A week-long fest includes exciting workshops, contests, music, folk crafts
  • Queen Lili`uokalani Music Festival and Concert - Held in the honor of the queen, the fest features music, arts, crafts, food, and a mass hula of more than 500 dancers


  • Lei Day - A flowering spectacle when islanders all wear a flower necklace and take part in lei-making competitions.
  • Historic Merrie Monarch Festival (April) - A celebration honoring the “Merrie Monarch King David Kalakaua.
  • Kapalua Wine and Food Festival – The 4-day culinary extravaganza is one of the most prestigious festivals featuring world-renowned winemakers, celebrated chefs, and cooking demonstrations. It is the best time to explore some of the most exciting gastronomic trends.
  • Pan-Pacific Festival -  One of Hawaii’s largest cultural events where more than 4,000 musicians, dancers, and artists from Japan come to perform with the locals to present a variety of events; most are free.


  • King Kamehameha Day - The celebratory parade that starts from Downtown Honolulu and finishes at Kapiʻolani Park in Waikiki.
  • Honolulu’s annual festival (July) - Experience the magic of the ukulele; Hawaii’s famed instrument.
  • Makawao Rodeo - The largest rodeo event in Hawaii on the 4th of July when more than 350 cowboys from all over the world livens up Oskie Rice Rodeo Arena in Maui.
  • Made in Hawaii Festival - The festival features a dazzling array of the latest finds and old favorite merchandise made-in-Hawaii made by some 400 exhibitors


  • Christmas, January 25th December – First week of January is the peak season
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January)
  • President’s Day (3rd Monday in February)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival - The lengthiest festival that takes place over 3 months and continues up till March featuring a variety of Japanese cultural events.
  • Ka Moloka’i Makahiki Festival - A week-long celebration featuring a fishing contest, music, and hula dancing, Hawaiian games, and sporting events.

Chinese New Year Celebration – The Chinese New Year at the Mun Fa Cultural Plaza in Honolulu has lots of entertainment shows, a lion dance, pageants, complete with food booths and a festival bazaar open to the public.

Best Time to Avoid Crowds?

  • November (excluding Thanksgiving)
  • May for good weather and the quietest scene on the islands
  • 1st week of June, and April (excluding ‘Golden Week’ and Easter)
  • September or October

We have compiled detailed information about the cheapest months and ways to book cheap tickets to Hawaii on the CHEAPEST TIME TO GO TO HAWAII.

Best Time for Outdoor Activities in Hawaii

Best Time for Snorkeling, Swimming, and Diving In Hawaii

Hawaii offers fantastic snorkeling and swimming opportunities during the months of May through September when the water is warm, skies are sunnier and surf is less intense.

It is a perfect time for exploring the snorkel spots. Top places for surfing are the Big Island and Maui which are least affected by the east trade winds creating perfect conditions for exploring the waters around the islands.

Best Time for Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii primarily depends upon the skill levels of the surfers. The island is popular for some of its serious swells and surfing waves in the world.

The winter season, or ho’oilo in winters from mid-November through early February is when the big waves strike Oahu’s North Shore.

This is the time for pros, experienced surfers, and spectators to gather for the “Seven Mile Miracle competition.

Best Time to Ski or Snowboard in Hawaii

Hawaii has perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Mauna Kea, on the Big Island, is often snow-blanketed and provides the best worldwide snow during February or March.

However, facilities are limited here as there are no resorts and you need to heir a 4×4 vehicle to reach the summit.

Best Time for Whale Watching and Inter-Island Cruises

Whale watching is the most amazing marine wildlife adventure you’d ever have an opportunity to partake. Winter months are also a great time for a good cruise bargain, including the inter-island cruises popular for Humpback whales sighting.

Late February through early March is the best time for whale watching after their calve are born.

Whales can be spotted on every island, especially concentrated between Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.

This is the best time for a romantic whale watching sunset cruise, or a private boat charter to see the whales swim off the sides of the ship.

You will find some of the best cruise deals during the Thanksgiving and mid-December.


Best Time To Get Married/Have a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

Planning your wedding during April and October is the best time with conducive warm and dry weather that’s a pretty safe bet for a congregation.

Ultimately, considering all factors, May is the best month for weddings in Hawaii. Avoid June through November due to Hurricane or rains.

Best Time for Hiking in Hawaii?

The superb Mars-like views of the Kea Mauna, the deep Waipio Valley and its giant waterfalls, the diverse landscape of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the cliffs of the NaPali Coast dropping straight into the ocean, and the Waimea Canyon, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific are all the marvels waiting to be conquered in Hawaii.

Hawaii has some of the best hiking trails. The most ideal time to hike these trails is during the late spring (April & May) and early fall (September & October) as these months are cooler.

Best Time For Volcano or Go Stargazing In Hawaii?

The Big Island’s Kilauea volcano that has been erupting continuously since 1983 is can be treaded during the winters when the temperatures have subsided.

The Hawaii Stars Adventure is a fantastic exploration at the summit of Mauna Kea.

Utilize the world-class telescopes on Mauna Kea’s Observatories and experience big skies and incredible nighttime views.

Summer months are best due to clear sky and because it is downright frigid at night to visit in winter.

Remember Mauna Kea is 4,138 meters high up so oxygen levels are low. It’s recommended to take a break halfway and not to ascend the summit within 24-hours of scuba diving.


Fishing is a year-round popular activity and the summer tends to be one of the most popular periods for fishing when the blue marlin, jumbo-sized yellowfin, Onos, and mahi-mahi throng in the water.

Winter months are best for catching bigeye tuna, skipjack, snapper, and striped marlin.

Best Time to Surf, Body board, Or Paddleboard in Hawaii?

Winters are the best time for surfing and body boarding. The north shore swell bears some of the world’s biggest waves playing host to pro surfing competitions.

Summers and the fall seasons are calm and suitable for surfing and paddle boarding skills of all levels.

Best Time for Discounted Tickets for Hawaii?

Hawaii is a popular destination and it can be costlier to travel during high season and traveling at the last moment unless there is a flash sale or surprise deal. For discounted rates, it’s best to book early and fly mid-week.

Cheaper accommodation and flights can be found during the spring and fall months.

You can see the airfare prices falling during the Late March through mid-June with exception to the last week in April, which happens to be the Golden Week and the peak time for Japanese travelers to Hawaii.

Hawaii is known as “paradise” in all seasons so ultimately the best time to visit Hawaii is when you get cheaper tickets that form a considerable proportion of your travel expense.

Best Time to Hit Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful and popular tourist destination known for its beautiful islands, beaches with its enchanting and breathtaking beauty and mostly visited vacation places.

Hawaii has one of the most pleasant climates in the world so automatically people love to spend their vacations in Hawaii.

Some of the best time to Hit Beaches is as follows

1. Early Morning

The best time to hit beaches is early morning when it is less crowded, as after sunrise the beaches started overcrowding with people where many locals stop by for lunch.

So in case you are visiting early in the morning it will be quieter and you can enjoy the sunrise walking in the sand.

2. Late Evening

Another best time to visit the beach is late evening as during this time, you will be able to enjoy the sunset view of the beaches and less crowded as many people leave to plan for their dinner.

3. Weekdays Visit

Many people usually hit beaches during weekends as most of are working from Monday to Friday.

So in case you are planning to visit the beaches like avoid weekends because it leads to not only congested beaches but also congested traffic.

4. Off Season Visit

Mostly beaches are always overcrowded like the Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach etc due to frequent visits of People.

So always try to visit these beaches during off season when it will be less crowded which ultimately leads to cheap flights and hotels.

5. Avoid Summer Seasons

Avoid visiting Hawaii in summer seasons, as many people visits Hawaii during this time to enjoy around the beaches as July and August is considered to be the hottest month in Hawaii and you cannot even bargain your price as it is the highest peak when most of the tourists and locals visit the place. 

Best Time for Planning Your Golf Vacations to Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its Golf Vacation and you can find the best golf vacation in Hawaii.

The main four Islands in Hawaii which have great golf are Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.

With great outdoor options and best Golf weather nothing can go wrong in Hawaii Golf Vacations.

Here are some of the best time to visit Hawaii Golf vacations are:

1. Avoid Windy location

When you are planning for Hawaii Golf Vacations avoid windy location as many people are concerned about the winds which they don’t prefer while playing golf. Windy days are variable depending on the changing climatic condition so better check the local weather report and visit.

2. Afternoon Visit

Though morning is considered to be the best time for playing golf, if possible and you can wait till afternoon you will usually get a discounted rate.

3. Avoid Weekends

Planning for a golf’s vacations in Hawaii avoids weekends as the price for playing golf is higher compared to weekdays as people usually visit the golf courses during weekends with their friends.

4. Fall Season

Though there are no specific seasons or day to play golf, the fall season is the best for planning your Golf Vacations in Hawaii as the skies are clear sunny and warm which pique the interest for playing golf.

5. Location Wise

The island of Maui offers some of the best golf courses in the world with ten golf clubs.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii Islands?

Hawaii consists of many beautiful Islands and each Island has its own distinct personality, adventures, activities and sights which attracts many people and tourists from far and wide visits every year to spend their vacations at one of these Island in Hawaii.

Some of the Hawaii Island is Maui, Kauai, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lanai. Here are the best time including events are featured below:

1. Maui Island

Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands .Though the island weather is favorable all year round but November and May is considered to be the cheapest time to visit Maui Island.

Where there is fewer crowds which ultimately leads to less airfare and accommodation though spring and fall shoulder seasons provide the pleasant weather but it is overcrowded and expensive, apart from there are various events held in Maui island some of the events are as follows:

  • The PGA Tour Sentry Tournament of Championship held during the first week of January.
  • Maui whale festival is celebrated in the month of February celebrating the annual migration of the humpback whales to Maui.
  • Chinese New Year Festival held on Maui’s west side in the town of Lahaina on Front Street is a free event held in the month of February.
  • East Maui Taro Festival is celebrated in the month of April, Taro, or kalo in Hawaiian, is a staple food crop.
  • Maui steel guitar Festivals celebrated in the month of May is three days festivals
  • Maui Film Festival celebrated in the month of June where visitors can attend an open-air film festival at the Wailea Resort.
  • The Kapalua Wine & Food Festival features wine tastings, seminars, cooking demonstrations and local entertainment held in the month of June.
  • In the month of September Aloha Festivals and Maui Ukelele festivals are held.
  • Hawaii food and Wine festivals is held in the month of October.
  • XTERRA World Championship is held on the northwestern coast of Maui in the month of November
  • Banyan Tree Lighting in Lahaina is celebrated in the month of December by decorating with colored lights to celebrate Christmas.

2. Kauai Island

Kauai is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian known as “the Garden Isle” due to the tropical rain forest covering much of its surface.

Weather is Kauai is consistently warm in its mid 70’s and 80’s and the western and southern shores are the driest.

Prominent events are the May Day Festival in May and the Chocolate & Coffee Festival in October.

The best time to visit Kauai is between September and November where rates usually drop.

The month of April and June are also considered to be the best because of the pleasant weather.

There are various events held in this island, some of the event you can attend are as follows:

  • The Kauai Orchid and Art festivals is one of the one of the main Kauai Event, showcases exotic, tropical orchids.
  • The Heiva I Kauai Iaorana Tahiti is an international Tahitian dancing and drumming competition which is held in Kauai with Participants from all the islands of Hawaii, the USA, and Japan.
  • A coconut festival which is one of the popular events is held in Kauai where coconut games, coconut crafts and coconut contests are held.

3. O’ahu Island

Oahu Island is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also known as “The gathering Palace” is home to the largest population of people of Hawaii.

The best time to visit Hawaii are April, May September and October where the weather is good with fewer crowds which opportunity for lesser fares and accommodations.

The numbers of Events which you can attend in the Oahu Island are:

  • Cultural events like The Lei Day Celebration, The King Kamehameha Floral Parade, Prince Lot Hula Festival, The Aloha Festival, The Honolulu Festivals are held in the O,ahu Island.
  • Food events like Parade of Farms, Mango Jam Honolulu, Hawaii Food and Wine Festival is held in this Island.
  • Sports events like Sony Open, Honolulu Marathon, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing are held every Year in O,ahu Island.

4. Moloka’I Island

Moloka’I Island is a very quiet, rural and Hawaii’s fifth largest island land though it has many beautiful beaches, Moloka’i has one nine-hole golf course and best known for discovery, relaxing, beach combing.

With dense rain forests and mountain valleys East Moloka’i is cool while the central and West is warmer. Events held in Moloka’I Island are

  • Kanaka Ikaika Kayak Race, the world championship of kayak and one-person canoe racing is held in the month of May
  • The biggest event on Molokai, known as the Ka Hula Piko Festival celebrated in May is the birth of the ancient hula dance.
  • Aloha festivals are held in the month of September.

5. Lanai Island

Lanai is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible, inhabited island in Hawaii.

June and November is considered to be the best time to visit Lanai Island and a great place for a great place to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, sailing, and scuba diving. Some of the events held in Lanai Island are as follows:

  • The Annual Keiki Catch is held in the month of March
  • Lei Day Celebration, Annual Surf Clinic is held in the month of May
  • King Kamehameha Celebration is held in the month of June
  • Pineapple Festival and Lanai Obon Dance events take place in the month of July.
  • The cultural Aloha festivals are celebrated in the month of September.

Hawaii International Film Festival is held in the month of December.

6. Big Island

The Big Island also has consistently warm weather. Hilo is a wetter and cooler eastbound windward side whereas Kailua-Kona is the dry and warm westward side of the island.

The best months to visit the Big Island are in the months of May, August, and September when the weather is favorable and rates are low.

Annual events such as the Merrie Monarch Festival and the Ironman competition in October are a big draw for the international crowd.

Festivals by Months in Hawaii

Many festivals are celebrated monthly wise in various parts of the world. Hawaii as one of the most visited vacation spot celebrates different kind of festivals, events and other celebrations monthly wise throughout the year.

Some of the events are of noble cause and other to honor and glorify the culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people.

Here are the details of festival celebrated monthly wise in Hawaii


Starting month of the year comes with many cultural and special events here are some of the list.

(1) New Year Celebration- Celebrated on 1st of January, all over Island in Hawaii.

(2) Cherry Blossom Festival - Starts in the month of January continuing till March, an attempt to showcase both Japanese and Hawaiian cultures.

(3) Ka Moloka’i Makahiki Festival- A week-long celebration which mainly concentrate on fishing contest, music, and hula dancing, Hawaiian games, and sporting events.

(4) Pacific Islands Arts FestivalCelebrated in Kapiolani Park, where numbers of Hawaiian artists display their work for sale with wonderful music and hula.


The second month of the Year includes the following events:

(1) Cherry Blossom FestivalsStarts in the month of January continuing till March, an attempt to showcase both Japanese and Hawaiian cultures.

(2) Chinese New Year Celebration - The Chinese New Year festivities usually starting from 10 a.m. Saturday at the Maunakea Marketplace and ending at 1 p.m. People come and celebrate by hanging around, eating and shopping.

 (3) Waimea Town Celebration - One of the largest, oldest festivals of Kauai community featuring their cultural and recreational events.

(4) Maui Whale Festival - This festivals is classified in different categories, a celebration of humpback whales like: Run & Walk for Whales, Whale Day & Parade of Whales, World Whale Film Festival, The Great Whale Count, Concert Cruises

(5) Narcissus Festival - Celebrate for five Weeks on O’ahu with different food stalls, arts and crafts, a beauty pageant, and a coronation ball.



Following are the events celebrated in the month of March   

(1) Honolulu Festival - This event is celebrated for three days celebrating the relationship between Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region featuring crafts, dance performances and art demonstrations.

(2) Cherry Blossom Festivals - Celebrated for three months, starting from January to March

(3) First Friday Art Walk - A popular fun event conducted every 1st Friday of each month with art galleries, shops, restaurants and bars.

(4) Hawaii Invitational International Music Festival - Hawaii Invitational International Music Festival known as the spring break festival is celebrated with free concerts in the park and the annual “Salute to Youth” parade on Kalakaua Avenue.

(5) Kona Brewer’s Festival - The sell-out fundraising beer festival is known for featuring the newest creations by 36 chefs and 36 brewers, island style, with live music and entertainment along the white sandy bay.

(6) Prince Kuhio Festival - This event is celebrated with music, hula, and historic displays honoring Prince Kūhiō.


The following events are celebrated in the month of April

(1) Mele Mei - These events held from April through June celebrating Hawaii’s music, culture, and hula dancing.

(2) Merrie Monarch Festival (The Big Island) - This event features an exciting week-long calendar of cultural events including Hawaii’s most prestigious hula competition at Edith Kanaka’ole Stadium in Hilo.

(3) Lua pahoehoe Music Festival (The Big Island) - This event is celebrated with various Hawaiian musicians and Hula performers, along with food, games, and handmade crafts. This event focused to help raise funds to support the Laupahoehoe School and is an alcohol-free event.

(4) Kapalua Celebration of the Arts (Maui) - Celebrate the history and culture of Hawaii Hawaii’s most celebrated Artists, educators, speakers and entertainers.

(5) Ha’iku Ho’olaule’a and Flower Festival (Maui) - This is a fun local family event that allows you to mix with the local Maui community, enjoying live entertainment, culinary delights from local Hawaiian restaurants and the experience the famous Haiku bake sale.

(6) Waikiki Spam Jam Festival - The Waikiki Spam Jam is a popular street festival that celebrates Hawaii’s love of Spam, which is a canned meat from Hormel Foods.


Following are the events held in the month of May in Hawaii:

(1) Lei Day - Celebrated on the first day of May generally by gifting leis to one another, this days people wear a flower necklace and competition are held in lei-making and crown a lei queen.

(2) Celebration of the Arts Festival - This festival is celebrated by bringing together Hawaii’s most reputable artisans, educators, cultural practitioners, speakers and entertainers allowing both visitors and local to experience authentic Hawaiian culture.

(3) Hawaii’s Lantern Floating Festival - The Memorial Day every year, for collective and individual remembrance when thousands of people launch wooden and paper lanterns.


Following are the events held in the month of June in Hawaii:

(1) Kamehameha Day Celebration - King Kamehameha Day is celebrated on June 11 with floral parade which is a public holiday.

(2) Kapalua Wine and Food Festival - A festivals celebrated on the shores of the world-renowned Kapalua Resort and the longest running food and wine event in the USA.

(3) Maui Film Festival - Maui Film Festival includes film screenings, tributes, panels, The Taste of Wailea and many other festivities throughout the resort.

(4) Molokai Ka Hula Piko - Held for three days in Kaana, Molokai, and Molokai Ka Hula Piko is an annual festival of the hula

(5) Pan-Pacific Festival - This cultural three days celebration features an eclectic assortment of cultural arts, crafts, foods and stage performances in a variety of settings in and around Waikiki throughout the weekend.

(6) Pu’uhonua O Honaunau Cultural Festival - This event is generally held to honor the culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people, with traditional Hawaiian foods tasting, canoe rides in Hōnaunau Bay, lauhala and coconut frond weaving, kapa beating, traditional lei making, and more


Following are the events held in the month of July in Hawaii:

(1) Haleʻiwa Arts Festival - The largest and most popular gathering of artists on Oahu celebrated at Haleʻiwa Beach Park in Historic Haleʻiwa Town, on Oʻahu’s beautiful North Shore.

(2) Makawao Rodeo - Celebrated on the on the 4th of July, the largest rodeo of the year with more than 350 cowboys from all over the world, the rodeo livens up Oskie Rice Rodeo Arena.

(3) Parker Ranch Rodeo and Horse Races - A fun Hawaii rodeo event for the whole family with action packed ranch rodeo and horse racing on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.  In addition, there will be a petting zoo, local crafts, pony rides, and food trucks.

(4) Prince Lot Hula Festival - Celebrated on the third Saturday of July at the beautiful Managua Gardens. The Prince Lot Hula Festival is the largest non-competitive hula event in Hawaii.

(5) Ukulele Festival Hawaii - This event is held at Kaʻiulani Park Bandstand in Waikiki with free concert where artists from around the world and an ukulele orchestra of over 800 students, mostly children participate.

(6)  Koloa Plantation Days’ festival - A rich display of Kaua‘i’s rich cultural diversity and all that is coffee with over 50 events held annually on the sunny South Shore of the island.


Following are the events held in the month of August in Hawaii:

(1) Korean Festival - Celebrated on August 10 at Victoria Ward Park with an aim of Sharing, promoting, and raising awareness of Korean culture in the community The event is celebrated through food, dance, art, music, and entertainment.

(2) Made in Hawaii Festival - This event features exhibitors who showcase food products, books, gifts, apparel and jewellery, arts and crafts, produce and many more home-grown products from the State.

(3) Statehood Day - Celebrated on 21 August Statehood Day s a legal holiday in the state of Hawaii in the United State to commemorate the anniversary of the state’s 1959 admission to the Union.


Following are the events held in the month of September in Hawaii:

(1) Aloha Festivals - The events give detailed information about Aloha Cultural Festival with a series of events featuring music, dance and history to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.

(2) Hawaii Food & Wine Festival - The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival at Ko Olina was a culinary feast on the beach with craft cocktails, specialty beer and wine including cooking demonstrations with exclusive dining opportunities with various foods.

(3) Kauaʻi Mokihana Festival - This event is held at the historic Kapaau First Hawaiian Church founded by Queen Deborah Kapule in 1879 aims to educates, promotes, preserves, and perpetuates the Hawaiian culture.


Following are the events held in the month of October in Hawaii:

(1) Aloha Festivals - The events which continue till October  give detailed information about Aloha Cultural Festival with a series of events featuring music, dance and history to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.

(2) Hawaii International Film Festival - The Hawaii International film generally aims at discovering documentaries and shorts films from Asia made by Asians, films about the Pacific and films that present Hawaii in a culturally accurate way.

(3) Halloween in Lahaina - Celebrated on Front Street is one of the best events with lots of spooky thing, starting from clothes to painted face and mask giving an exciting thrill to the visitors.

(4) Ironman World Championship - The Ironman World Championship has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978, with an additional race in 1982 .One-day sporting event in the world welcome athletes of all abilities, ages, and shapes and sizes the opportunity to test their limits.

(5) Maui Fair - Maui’s largest event Maui Fair is a symbol of timeless community tradition with a homegrown Maui vibe with a fair open until midnight with rides, games, exhibits, and entertainment on the big stage day and night on Thursday and a Friday and Saturday.

(6) Princess Kaʻiulani Keiki Hula Festival - This event honors the life of Princess Kaiulani and the role that she played in a critical time in Hawaiian history.


Following are the events held in the month of November in Hawaii

(1) Kona Coffee Festival - The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is recognized as the oldest festival in Hawaii, and honors Kona’s cultural heritage, recognizing the accomplishments of Kona coffee pioneers, farmers and artisans.

(2) Triple Crown of Surfing - The Triple Crown of Surfing starting from November to mid December is a Hawaiian specialty series of professional surfing events that take place on the North Shore of Oahu.

(3) Kohala Aina Festival - Celebrated in early November marks the traditional Hawaiian harvest season, live music and fun activities for kids.


Following are the events held in the month of December in Hawaii are:

(1) Triple Crown of Surfing - The Triple Crown of Surfing starting from November to mid December is a Hawaiian specialty series of professional surfing events that take place on the North Shore of Oahu.

(2) Honolulu Marathon - The biggest and most popular foot race brings more than 30,000 runners, celebrated in Hawaii, on the second Sunday in December.

User Guide : Cheapest time to visit Hawaii

A Hawaii trip promises everything one is looking for from a vacation. Hawaii consists of 8 major islands and several other smaller atolls and islets strung like a necklace across the Pacific each known for its unique experience.

Hawaii’s topography consists of world-class gleaming white, black, red and even green sand beaches flanked by lush vegetation, green hills, and lofty volcanic peaks. The calm turquoise waters lay in contrast to some of the most severe swells popular for world-class pro surfing competitions. Hawaii’s Technicolor reefs and thronging shoals are home to many world-famous snorkeling sites.

Over 6.4 million people visit Hawaii each year which indicates Hawaii’s extreme popularity as a vacation destination.

Here’s everything you need to know before planning a budget tour of Hawaii like the cheapest months to fly, peak season you should avoid. Besides, there are other important factors to consider if you want to save better like taking an indirect flight, selecting the airport with the shortest route and choosing the best low-cost airlines that also intermittently come up with popular deals for Hawaii.

Favorable Seasons To Travel To Hawaii

Ask any avid traveler, and they will vouch for the fact that there is never a bad time to visit Hawaii because of its year-round pleasant weather. However, Hawaii’s best weather is in the spring and the fall season.

April, May, September, and October witness the most favorable weather. The season is dry and the temperature is perfect during days and nights. The rainy season begins in November.

Some of the best deals to Hawaii are released two weeks before or after the high season.

What Are The Peak Seasons In Hawaii?

It’s hard to find cheap flights during the main peak season that run from mid-December to the first week of January and summer school holidays. The cheapest months to fly to Hawaii are during the lean period which is after the winter holiday season and before March and late summer and autumn before Thanksgiving.

It’s best for budget travelers to avoid summer vacations. Japan’s Golden Week starting during the last week of April now extends for 10 days and the island is packed during the 4 national holidays with 1.59 million people visiting Hawaii. Travelers are known to have paid as much as $5,000 for one economy seat. Most travelers pay at least a 30 – 40% premium.

2019 – 2020 Peak Season Dates

November 22nd – December 1st Thanksgiving
December 19th – January 6th Christmas and New Year’s celebrations
July 1–July 31 Summer Vacation
April 29 – May 05, 2020 The Golden Week

Why Considering The Peak Holiday Season In Hawaii Is Important?

Fare Comparison

A wide study of fares shows rampant price surging during the festive high season in Hawaii. Fares from Atlanta mostly during the October and November months stood strong at $800 which otherwise averages around $320.

For example, if you take a flight to Hawaii on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, you can end up paying a premium price close to $1,300. It is the same precedent during the winter holiday season when fares to Hawaii average around $850 – $1200 and can quickly jump to $1,500 on peak days during the holiday week.

Best Time To Buy Affordable Tickets Hawaii

Budget travelers must take advantage of the lean season to book cheap tickets to Hawaii. According to the Hawaii travel bureau, the sweet spot of booking affordable tickets is during the latter half of January, Mid-April, and May. September to October happens to be the second lean period when the weather is also quite warm and sunny.

These are the best time to beat the crowd and ticket prices are 31% cheaper including cheaper hotels and accommodation.

How To Find The Best Airfare Deals To Hawaii?

How Early Should I Book My Tickets For Hawaii?

The sweet spot of ticket booking for Hawaii is between 3 weeks to 4 months in advance for international flights and between 40 and 50 days for domestic flights.

Choosing Connecting Flights over Direct Flights

Indirect routes can help you save you at least 25% of the travel cost like when you fly from Raleigh-Durham International Airport – RDU routing through Dallas to Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Do keep in mind the time it takes for connections, security check-in and the time taken to walk to different arrival and departure terminals as it can be a bit stressful especially if traveling with family, but if it’s manageable, it will surely help save a good deal.

Best Airport to Fly To Hawaii from the Us

Hawaii is closer to the West Coast cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, and Portland. You may also see occasional deals from Las Vegas and Phoenix too.

Alaska Airlines offers the best flights to all 4 Hawaiian Islands from 8 West Coast cities – Anchorage, Bellingham, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Portland, and Seattle.

Cheapest Flights To Hawaii From The Us

The cheapest flight from the US to Hawaii is routinely from San Jose on Alaska Airlines. The second cheapest option is out of Oakland & Bellingham, also on Alaska Airlines, priced at $348 and $298 respectively for a round trip.

Flying Tip: Adding a connection from these West Coast cities or at Honolulu on a budget carrier requires planning but certainly provides better savings.

Direct Flights from the East Coast

There are direct and faster flights available from the East Coast cities as well but these are priced higher.

  • New York City – 11 hours 30 minutes (nonstop on Hawaiian Airline)
  • Boston – 12 hours 48 minutes (one-stop)
  • Philadelphia – 13 hours 28 minutes (one-stop)
  • Baltimore – 12 hours 15 minutes (one-stop)
  • Raleigh – 12 hours 5 minutes (one-stop)

Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are other major cities from Canada to fly non-stop to Hawaii.

Most Economical Destinations in Hawaii

The most economical destinations in Hawaii are Honolulu, Lihue or Kahului. These places are breathtakingly beautiful and serene and lighter on the pocket too.

Best Airlines To Fly To Hawaii

Alaska Airlines has a surprising amount of flight options, almost a dozen locations on the west coast alone. The airline is also known for its low prices and occasional ticket promotions like their highly popular sale of just $99 starting price. With the new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX, the airline is all set to tap the most of the west coast (and beyond).


  • Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, is known for its points booking, free bags, easy cancellation, and rebooking. Definitely the shining star, Southwest serves the two top markets for Hawaii – i.e South California and Northern California. Check out Southwest’s latest route from OAK (Oakland) – HNL besides many more popular flights from San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, and Sacramento.
    And when in doubt, it’s best to consider Hawaiian Airlines as they have many codeshare flights that help them to connect to more places both in the US and Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines is adding flights to all the 4 islands – Honolulu, Lihue, Maui, and Kona on their latest A312 Neo planes. They have partnered with Delta to offer maximum flight options and economical booking with SkyMiles points.

The future promises further such cut-throat competition keeping the price war alive in favor of the customers.

    United Airlines also has a special focus on flights to Hawaii. They have introduced many special touches in their flights like Hawaiian themed livery and an island-inspired menu the includes Kona Coffee, local Hawaiian dishes and wine to set the mood right for an authentic Hawaiian holiday right from the start.

Delta competes head to head with Alaska serving the Pacific Northwest regions extensively with maximum flights from Seattle and Portland. is dedicated to providing the cheapest airfares to Hawaii. We are full-service travel planners for Hawaii providing the largest range of packages for trip to Hawaii including Hawaii vacation packages, Hawaii wedding, and honeymoon packages, and best Hawaiian cruises matching your interest and budget.

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