flightstohawaii.org as your Travel Counselor makes sure in every possible way to provide you products and services that facilitate and make your travel smooth, simple and enjoyable. flightstohawaii.org has done everything possible to make its website descriptive, explanatory, riskless and last but not the least handy to our end users and clients.

Please be aware that flightstohawaii.org as your Travel Counselor solely executes its operations to serve clients and customers across the globe in getting together their travel need at one place and at fares that are combative, sweeping as well as all-inclusive. The web portal in itself is a bluster of travel based products and services and one of the celebrated parts of this industry and its offerings. In order to understand this in a broader sense and sensibility, we would want you to circumspect the points mentioned below:

  • We are a Travel based third party vendor, aligned with different airlines, hotels and other hospitality based products and services.
  • We work seamlessly to fulfill the travel needs and requirements of our clients and end-users located across the globe.
  • HawaiiOur daily operations involve an unending ordeal in terms of getting together a journey of a lifetime for you.
  • The use of this website further involves booking and reservations for various flights, hotels or travel packages in a broader sense.
  • In order to easily avail our services, you agree to pay all the levied charges, prices and fares as indicated on the portal or as discussed by our consultants with you.
  • In order to offer you abatement in terms of the prices and deals offered, we have tie-ups with various other third party vendors as well.
  • We are not and should not be held responsible for any sort of abrupt or swift revisions, postponement or even cancellation that may happen from these vendors’ ends. Also, in such cases their own code and conditions shall apply and we won’t accountable for any acquittance of the amount so paid(for the unsuccessful travel).
  • As far our fares so offered at the time of checkout are concerned, please consider them as the final prices agreed between us and our vendors.
  • Please be rest assured that, the flightstohawaii.org team offers you an environment which is immune as well safely enveloped from any kind of threat. For any other kind of payment issues related to the customers’ bank/credit card, please do not hold us responsible.
  • The web portal developed by our technical experts is user friendly, easy to maneuver, steer and operate in terms of reservations and other booking related needs of our end-users. Even after this, if in case the need be, our customer care representatives are just a mail or a call away.

We at flightstohawaii.org, aim to make your travel an easy track route for you which makes it an essentiality for you to agree to aforementioned Terms & Conditions.