The team at flightstohawaii.org warrants preeminent fares but even if in the slightest of cases, our customers are able to discover a curtailed price for the same date and time of travel, we duly consent on paying the difference to them.

But when can a rebate be solicited?

Our patrons must find a fare preeminent that’s available online on any other travel based site or forum within almost 3 hours of putting together a package or booking for an itinerary that’s precisely a Xerox of the one created on flightstohawaii.org.

How can you actually solicit a refund/rebate?

Our Travel consultants are always available at your beck and call and our patrons can get in touch with them 24/7 and/or 365 days a year, in order to solicit a rebate concerning the Best Price Guarantee Policy.

The time that they get in touch with our Travel Consultants, the flight or any other Travel related deal(Priced at a fare lower than ours)on the other web portal (as stated by them) ought to hold definiteness and credence.

What brings about a successful claim refund?

For us to initiate and process your refund request, it is utterly needed that our patrons send us via mail or through any other preferred medium, a set of required documents which includes Date and Time of travel, Destination’s Name, Name of the Airline, Class of Service, the Fare as well as the passengers’ details as well.

Please Remember that our patrons bear only an exclusive chance to claim/obtain a rebate against our “Best Price Guarantee” policy for one Itinerary.