The average distance between Lax and Honolulu is 2556 miles; if you want to fly it will consume approximately 5 hr 46 min. Book affordable tickets to explore Hawaii consist of top-class Island and gleaming green and white-colored beaches, lofty volcanic peaks, etc.

Book a budget tour of Hawaii in the cheapest month. You can save more money on round trip deals, indirect flights or low-cost airlines that come up with exclusive deals. Moreover, you can get more cheap tickets on booking tickets for at least 4 weeks of travel date.

For a conference or meeting sometimes you need to do time management, in that case, you can search for promising deals of a round trip.

The flights from Los Angeles to Honolulu provide the best getaway for both solo and couples. There is a lot of ongoing discounts on the various airlines to fly from Lax to Hawaii, discover the departures of airlines and according choose the best one to drive the Hawaii airport.

Hawaii comprised of three airports named Hilo international airport, Kona international airport and Honolulu international airport (HNL). Among them, HNL is regarded as the best option for departure and arrival. The tickets are up to 32 percent cheaper for morning departure as a comparison to evening flights.

Cheap Flights to Hawaii from Lax According to Types:

There are more than 1000 flight departures from Los Angeles to Honolulu airport. Book the affordable flight depending upon the type and cabins. The airfare would vary with the date and month you are traveling.

  • One Way Flights: Fly Hawaii city from Lax with the lowest price $99
  • Round trip flights: Fly Hawaii with a return trip at Lowest price $227
  • Premium Economy class flights: Reach Hawaii from Lax with minimum price $262
  • Business-class flights: Travel from Lax with Business class cabin with the lowest price $508.

Cheap Airline That Flies From Los Angeles (Lax) to Hawaii:

Airlines Price (onwards)
One-way trip Round trip
 Delta Airlines $128 $227
American Airlines $361 $227
United Airlines $128 $227

In-Flight information of Hawaii from Lax

  • The average duration of Los Angeles to Hawaii Island is 5 hours 45 min
  • There can be a slight delay in the duration due to waiting destination or stopover
  • Direct flights available to reach Hawaii’s destination.

Arrival information of LAX to Hawaii

  • Honolulu airport is the nearest landing airport amongst other airports of Hawaii
  • Frequent flier airlines to reach Hawaii are Delta, American Airlines, United Airways, and Qantas Airways
  • Every week there are up to 1000 departures and arrival take place from Hawaii to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Cheapest Month to Travel from Chicago to London flights

The cheapest month to book flight tickets for Hawaii is January /February in which there are pocket-friendly deals available. However, booking the ticket in advance is more profitable. Avoid ticket booking in peak season i.e. Mid-December.

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights tickets from Las to Hawaii

Budget travelers must take benefit of the lean season i.e. Mid April, January and may to Book tickets to explore the sweet spot of Hawaii Island. The ticket price is 31 percent cheaper in September to October.

Top attractions of Hawaii

Panaewa Rainforest Zoo

It is a 12-acre Rainforest zoo situated in the Panaewa forests of the Hilo region contains more than 80 animal species like a white tiger, the Giant Anteaters and more. It is an awesome spot for animal lovers.

Diamond Head State Monument

It is a wonderful place to explore wildlife. Diamond Head offers an extraordinary view of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. This monument displays informative signs to the tourists.

Surf lessons at Waikiki Beach

It is a breathtaking spot in Hawaii; Waikiki contains white-colored sand with flowing crystal blue water waves. The view is awesome to capture memories.

Polynesian cultural center

It is one of the busiest places to explore the traditional Polynesian culture. Despite this, there are several recreation activities performed by native dancers and local villagers.

Road to Hana

It consists of several one-lane bridges to drive Maui. Along this winding road, one can experience the amazing beauty of waterfalls, gardens and food stalls.

Tunnels Beach

A Tunnel Beach is situated at Ha’ena Point is an outstanding stretch with golden color sand surrounded with ironwood trees, lush mountains, and tropical palms and lush mountains. It also displays turtles, sea mammals and more.

Na Pali Coast

It is a cherished park with 4000 feet cliffs displaying the incredible natural beauty of waterfalls view, sea caves, and beaches. The best time to experience the beauty of the Napali Coast is during summer.


It is a 3-mile stretch encircles Spring Mountain containing shopping malls and Chinese restaurants delivering delicious Chinese food. It serves curate wines, dumplings, noodles and more.

Hapuna Beach Park

It is the most eminent beach known for water sports, white sand view enclosed with palm tree and Blue Ocean. Best place to feel the calm waves in summers and to perform other water activities.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

It is a 40-acre beautiful garden built under the sheltered valley. It displays non-native tropical plants and flowers with distinct features species. It is the best place for children to enhance knowledge and adults to experience the beauty of rain forests.